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Life’s twists and turns took me to Papua New Guinea some years ago, and I fell in love with the place! So I returned, many times. As a teacher and wanna-be writer/photographer I naturally felt an immediate urge to communicate my passion to the rest of the World, and out of this has come a few articles, some quite excessive photo-sharing on Flickr and Google Earth, and a book.

But now it’s time for the real thing (from what I’m told) – a blog!

I hope this blog can help spreading the word about all the good, fascinating, interesting and beautiful people and places of this country. This was also my reason for writing my book, which is about the area called Tufi, and many of my entries will be connected to the book’s chapters. I’ll be giving you more stories and details; more background on PNG and Tufi; I’ll make digression and detours; and I’ll invite you ‘backstage’ of my fieldwork and writing. There will be many more photos and possibly a short video sometimes.

I hope, of course, to get some good conversations going.

Since I have travelled around a bit, both in PNG and in other corners of the world, I have cleared a room for this type of texts as well. For those of you who have a more specialized interest in New Guinea and the South-West Pacific there is also a room here for more deep-diving content.

My idea is to start with one new post every week, and then we’ll see how it develops.

Welcome, and make yourself at home!After feast dishwashing  -  Tumari, PNG

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  1. Hahaha – love it. This is what we do at home. Forget the dishwasher!

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